Operational Support

  • Initial training at Holy Hog Tampa

    Eight weeks before your store is scheduled to open we require you to attend a four-week training class in Tampa. These classes cover food knowledge, hiring practices, Marketing, Accounting and Financial classes. The last week of training you will be our hands-on Managing Partner, running our Training Store.

  • Pre-0pening: Assistance and Support

    We are aware you will encounter many questions along the road to opening your Holy Hog location. We will assign you a Holy Hog Handler to assist you through all steps of the process.

  • Real Estate and Construction Assistance

    We will assist and approve your location and site. In addition, once we have chosen a site we will assist you with lease negotiations, drawings (if needed), construction bids, as well as contractor selection. Once your project is underway, we will make site visit to ensure the process is as smooth and as seamless as possible.